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Edge Xpert Edge Connectivity

Edge Xpert Edge Connectivity

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Protocol Description Connector Specification Terms and Conditions
The Edge Xpert Edge Connectivity subscription allows for edge connectivity to a particular device protocol

In the highly heterogeneous world of the IoT Edge, an IoT Edge Platform must provide a rich library of easy to configure connectivity options both Northbound and Southbound

Edge Xpert comes as standard with Northbound connectivity to AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google IoT Core but IOTech is also at the forefront of providing real-world high-quality connectivity for the Southbound Edge with its Edge Xpert Edge Connectivity products. Edge Xpert Edge Connectivity talks to the real world southbound via Device Services. A single Device Service can communicate with multiple different devices from the same Gateway node of the same protocol, e.g. a single Modbus Device Service can communicate with multiple different Modbus devices from the same node, you can also run multiple Device Services on the same gateway node.

Connectivity to a specific device will require the deployment of the appropriate Edge Connectivity Device Service and a specific device profile that defines the data format and operations available on that device. Device profiles will need to be created for each device that is to be integrated into Edge Xpert

Edge Xpert Connect currently support the following devices services:
  • Modbus RTU & TCP (details here)
  • BACnet MSTP & TCP (details here)
  • OPC-UA (details here)

Each Device service is licensed on a 12 month subscription per Gateway. The subscription does not include IOTech support and maintenance options. In order to receive these benefits, at least one Edge Xpert Developer subscription must be maintained

IOTech is adding to it’s library all the time, the following Device Services are currently in development or planned for development:
  • Zigbee
  • CAN bus
  • IOTivity
  • BLE
  • EtherCat
  • Profinet
  • Profibus
  • S7 Protocol
  • KNX
  • OPC-DA

Need new connectivity developed? IOTech provides this as a service offering. Have a protocol you’ve developed? IOTech would love to hear from you to act as your channel to market. Need to discuss pricing for large quantities or bundles then talk to us direct at info@iotechsys.com

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