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Edge Xpert Training

Having chosen Edge Xpert as your IoT Edge software infrastructure solution then the next key step will be cultivating the skills and capabilities of your team to use, develop and successfully deploy your IoT system efficiently and effectively

Our education offering helps you build these skills and our proven modern techniques will enable both teams and individuals to innovate faster. Whether you’re looking for team training or personal development, we offer the best IoT Edge resources to accelerate your adoption by providing a range of online training classes and tailored onsite training courses designed to specifically meet your needs

Please see the online training course options available below. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to discuss our tailored onsite training programs then email info@iotechsys.com and we'll be in touch to discuss your needs

Edge Xpert User Training Edge Xpert User Training

On-line training to help use the Edge Xpert product and associated services

Coming Soon
Edge Xpert Device SDK Training Edge Xpert Device SDK Training

On-line training to help use the Edge Xpert Go and C Device Service SDKs in order to create connectivity to protocols not yet directly supported by Edge Xpert

Coming Soon