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Edge Xpert Consultancy

IOTech offer a variety of services to help our customers make the right choices to meet their future IoT Edge needs, helping reduce risks and accelerate time to market

Do you simply want to talk to an experienced IoT solutions expert to discuss your application at the Edge? Send us an email with a brief description of your use case to info@iotechsys.com and we’ll assign one of our IoT solutions specialists to get in touch and discuss your application and potential routes forward

Do you wish to verify that your Edge IoT use case will deliver the predicted returns on investment? Unsurprisingly our partners and customers generally want to validate potential Edge IoT solutions, minimising upfront costs and risk before a full solution commitment and preferably while keeping vendor choice open! In order to meet this need IOTech proactively promote collaborative Proof of Concepts (PoCs) and regularly undertakes them with our customers and partners. We evaluate needs, understand requirements, agree success criteria, perhaps involve other companies with complementary skills - and then deliver the PoC against the agreed goals. What’s more our solutions are open and vendor neutral, offering complete customer freedom to choose sensors, edge hardware, cloud vendor etc. Interested? Send an email to info@iotechsys.com. Full customer references available on request

Would you like IOTech to implement a new feature for the Edge Xpert platform? If you require support for an Edge protocol that Edge Xpert does not yet support, or would like another feature accelerated for your use, please contact us at info@iotechsys.com

Technical Workshop Technical Workshop

Undertake an on-site IOTech Technical Workshop in order to fast-track your team's understanding of the benefits that Edge Xpert can bring to your distributed systems

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Proof of Concept Study Proof of Concept Study

Collaborate with IOTech on a detailed technical and business feasibility "Proof of Concept" study that aims to verify if and how Edge Xpert can be utilized for your specific use case

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Device Service Development & Accelerated Roadmap Device Service Development & Accelerated Roadmap

If an Edge Xpert Device Service for your desired protocol or another particular feature you require does not yet exist, IOTech can develop it for you

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